There are lots of factors, that have influence on the SEO score. Today I will tell you about the most important «old school» factors, and some of specific.

What factors are playing a role in the SEO Score?

1. On-Page factors

On-page are factors that have strong influence on the web-page search engine ranking. They are: page title (tittle tag), URL, page content and the title of your image (image alt text). All of them must have a keyword or keywords, that is the base of a SEO score.

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2. Content quality

I made the «content» ​​a separate item, although it is a part of the on-page factors. Many people forget that the quality and uniqueness of the content affect not only the SEO score, but also readability of the website. If a potential buyer sees constant repetition of words, that make an article a junk, he won't trust your website information. It also would be a nice touch to add quality and interesting media like images and video.

3. Links

Links might be backlinked, anchor and external. The most important for SEO score are backlinks. Also backlinks are made for the convenience of a viewer. It shouldn’t take much effort to move, for example, from the product page to the category page or home page, etc. Links should open in a new window (use for it syntax target=”_blank”), it’s useful for SEO, because user stays on this page longer.

4. Mobile design

Website ought to be compatible for mobile platforms because of wide-spreading of the last. Mobile design means a lot for search engine ranking position, also for a viewer. The design must be a little simpler for the smaller screen and lower performance of the mobile device.

5. Localization (Local SEO)

Local SEO score is really important if your potential buyer, for example, is searching for a gym or coffee shop nearby.

6. Reviews

Reviews are more psychological factor, but nonetheless very important for the trustworthiness of your website. People trust the words of other people more, than the description of goods from the manufacturer or the seller.

7. Personalization

After Google announced in 2005 the technology of personalization of the search, this feature now widespread and we got used to it. So, do not neglect the setting of personal data, filling in the contacts and tags - this can be useful for your SEO score.

Personalization works like this: if you like some news website, a search engine «remember» this. When you search for some information in Google (or other search engine), the first items on the page will be right from your favourite news portal.

8. Social signals

Social networks are becoming more and more popular every year. That is why skilled marketers advertise there - because of lots of potential buyers who spend a lot of time in social networks.

9. Speed test

The last, but not the least is speed of web pages' loading. We live in the age when people are not used to spending much time searching for something. We want to get everything here and now, and the speed is very important - we will not wait until the site is fully loaded if it takes more than five seconds!

Furthermore, this factor is valuable for the SEO score too, «heavy» websites are situated lower in the search engine ranking.

Do not use - destroyer of your SEO score!

Please, do not use hidden keywords and links. Search engines are used to tracking these tricks nowadays. They place websites with hidden keywords and links lower in search engine ranking.

SEO is a really dynamic and complicated system of rules, which changes and adapts to the modern conditions. I hope my article will help you to dig deeper in this matter and help your SEO score! Good luck!