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Why should I move my website to Magento?

need help

Let’s imagine a very typical situation. You started your eCommerce business without any understanding of difference between CMSs (Content management system). You entrusted the development of your first website to a company or maybe freelancer who decided to use a platform that does not suit for online-store.

At the outset everything seemed nice and your website was working how it should. But now you see, that conversion is low and your page is quite slow. All these red flags are the attributes of an archaic platform you are working on.

That’s when you realize - it’s time for changes.

Magento Order PDF Extension

magento order pdf extension

Magento Order PDF Extension is the first extension in our cycle of articles about our products

Being very simple and straightforward, this extension secured its place as one of our bestselling extensions.

So what this extension is about? Yes it is exactly what you would think of it from the title.

Magento Order PDF extension allows you to print your orders in PDF format right from the Admin Panel.

OneStep vs OnePage checkout in Magento

Checkout is the final step that separates you from the winning kerching of the cash register. I hope everybody realizes how important is this stage in ecommerce. This is a bifurcation point of ecommerce success.

3 Item(s)