For clear understanding we have to sort out video clips by types. I've distinguished 4 of them:

  • Advertising
  • Functional video
  • Video tutorial
  • Behind the scene


Advertising is a completely promotional video about your company or products that you sell, pure marketing and nothing else.

Functional video content

 In other words, it is a video review of the product. Video about innovations, benefits, strong and weak sides of this particular product. This review could be made by anyone, but review from the experts, or vice versa from random customer will be more trusted depending on the situation. For example, if we are talking about nutrition facts of chocolate bar it is better to invite a scientist. From the other hand, if we are talking about gadget simplicity, it would be more trustworthy to choose an ordinary customer. Slogan for these videos can be formulated as "less opinions - more facts".

I would also like to mention about subcategory of the video reviews, about comparative videos. Comparison of 2 competing products or comparison of the newest model with its previous version, will easily help you to stand out.

Video tutorial

 Video tutorial is a visual explanation or recommendation of the product usage, its abilities and options. Make sure that all aspects of usage of the product are clearly described in the video, and don’t forget to stay fair with your clients, don’t keep quiet about possible inconveniences or hard time with your products. Video tutorials are designed to help. There is no shame if you assume that customer may have hard time with furniture assembling from your store. By the way, problem solving videos are the most popular and frequently watched.

Behind the scene

Behind the scene videos are another helpful marketing trick which your customers will definitely like. Everybody wants to know and see a little bit more than others, imagine the chef cook who is walking around the kitchen and share  some secrets about his dishes with his customers, or master who shows how he makes his amazing hand made shoes using the best materials and ancient techniques, isn't that great? Be sure, people will like it and they will definitely come back to see more.