What is HTTP?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) - is a basic protocol for data distribution between client and server. It describes such things as query and response, session, cache, authentication, and more. According to this protocol data between the browser and the client is sent as plain text, allowing the network owner to see the content. Such procedure is not secure that’s why HTTPS has been developed.

What is HTTPS?

HTTP Secure allows the client and server to install the encrypted connection firstly, and then send it an HTTP message without worrying that they can be read easily by someone else.

Why HTTPS is better than HTTP?

If you want to know the reasons why HTTPS is so desirable, here they are:

Confidentiality. HTTPS secures the communication between client and server from third persons. Without using HTTPS someone else can launch the Wi-Fi access point and see all the data that goes through it, like credit card numbers, and other important data.

Integrity. The protocol ensures that the entire information reaches the recipient without any changes. Hacker who gets an access point from the HTTP can add his own ad to visited websites, compress an image or change the content on the page. HTTPS ensures that the information will not be changed.

Identification. HTTPS ensures that you visited the website that you need. For example webinse.com is really webinse.com. Without HTTPS hacker can change the website and provide you with the fake one.



Nowadays HTTPS is a must for a website, especially for eCommerce. Users more likely leave their data on the websites with the green lock in the address bar. Moreover, Google Chrome and some others browsers note websites that use HTTP as not secure, that causes badly on the ranging them in search list.

Setting up HTTPS can scare inexperienced users because you need to have the knowledge of encryption and web server configuration. If your website does not have HTTPS, we are here to help you!