Every working process is a sequence of operations aimed at providing desirable results. But not every workflow is optimized and efficient. Consequently, it can be deadlines, drawbacks, unsatisfying outcomes or other different problems on the way to success. Webinse paid much attention to organization of working processes and invented unique Modern Workflow that integrates information, people and resources into one pulsing ideally crafted mechanism.

How does it work?

According to best practices and own experience Webinse cut off all unnecessary tools that just complicate the process and defined 6 major steps:

1. Preparation

It`s where communication takes place. On this stage clients share their problems or ideas, discuss the main issues, requirements to ensure that their request is exactly what they need. No misunderstanding left after all. Communication is free of charge!

Freshdesk - is the customer support software where you are able to initiate discussion and create tickets. Freshdesk mobile app easy your communication wherever you are.
HipChat - persistent, searchable chat room where you can easily navigate and find all file attachments, links and people in a second.
Dashboard - your online cabinet where all information about tickets are: date, estimation, spent time, agent, status, priority. Create, approve and manage tickets in one place on your own.

2. Estimation

Difference between Webinse and the other Magento companies is evident on this phase. Webinse developers give fair estimation based on complexity of task. Our clients pay only for development hours, not for preparation time.

Jira - the flexible and scalable issue tracker that helps us manage effectively. That is where task is created and developer is assigned to it. On Freshdesk, HipChat or through email dedicated account manager inform you about preliminary estimation for approval. Using Dashboard you can see changed ticket status on ‘Waiting For Approval’ that automatically appears after estimation.

3. Development

The heart of Modern Workflow is its development process

Enthusiastic Magento certified developers with wide experience can deal with any problem arisen or can implement your ideas into perfectly working site functionality.
Scheme that every developer uses is universal.

Each line of code that is written for every specific issue is formatted and structured. Smart commits provide flexibility and efficiency. Proficiency is guaranteed!

Jira helps to create a unique process for shipping software

It matches our needs perfectly. Bitbucket is a distributed version control system that enables code review with pull requests and commit histories. Smart-commits allow us to synchronize Jira and Bitbucket.

And more: track time, add comments, ask for review and approval. And of course, what is the most important that every Webinse developer is professional and Magento-lover.

4. User Acceptance Testing

5. Quality Assurance

5. Quality Assurance

Extra layer of testing by professional QА Engineer saves time on user acceptance testing, saves money on further fixes, and saves nerves on worrying about unpredictable outcomes.

Bug free delivering is our standard! After task is uploaded on Development environment, QA specialist carefully tests all functionality and approves that it fits defined requirements.

6. Release Planning

6. Release Planning

This step is for those who like planning and taking control on new features. If you are a happy owner of Superior Support Package then release planning is available for you.

When the issue is approved, it will be assigned to a new version so there is an option to deploy it in an upcoming release or immediately like hotfix. Decide what and when exactly should be deployed on live site.

You can see more information about our company here.

Webinse Managed Services are also based on Modern Workflow but expanded with additional client accesses, instruments and control

What advantages do you get by using Modern Workflow?

Extensive and FREE

Control over estimation
and spendings

Smart and flexible


Tactical and strategical