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Great Product and Great Support

We have created 770 reminders so far and it is working exactly as described. Our team of 4 utilizes it every day and it is a pleasure to work with. This would be an extension worth paying for... the fact that it is free makes it that much more impressive.
The support is definitely well above and beyond for a free extension. Much better than the support I've received on paid extensions from some of the biggest names on Magento Connect.

Great Support and Great Extention

Great extension. It will most certainly improve my customer relationship ! I did have some problem on installation but I believe it was my mistake. When I contact the developer Support, I was warmly welcomed and they solved my problem.
I´m not only recommending this extension. I´m recommending this Developer!

GREAT SUPPORT! Fast response!

GREAT SUPPORT! After installing this extension, we couldn't find the notifications we created.
We contacted the support team and they responded within an hour or so.
After they've checked out the issue in our store, they created a new version of the extension, which allows the admin to choose whether to display the notifications in the dashboard only or on all admin pages.
Again, great support!

Great Extension

Great extension, allows admin users to leave them selves reminders for customers and orders for follow up. Asked developer if the dashboard would show only the logged in users tasks and then if the user logged in was the default person selected when creating a task, they immediately added this to the standard product. Thanks

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