For those who:

  • Want professional support and save money
  • Run small business or large companies
  • Have Community or Enterprise edition Magento store
  • Need a little help or full package development
  • Looking for reliable and responsible business partner
  • Unsatisfied with poor quality of freelancer`s support or outrageously high prices of top companies
  • Care about business and keen on improvement

What do you get?

24/7 Site Uptime & Performance Monitoring

Performance-Based Service Level Agreement

Skill-Based Help Desk Support

Estimation approval

Developing using our Modern Workflow

Quality Assurance

Release planning

What do we do?

Site customization

Application Engineering Support

Emergency bug fixes

Performance optimization

Administrative configuration

Content uploading and formatting

System upgrading

What does your site look like?

  • Perfect performance
  • Up-to-date
  • Filled with the site-management tools
  • SEO optimized
  • Best customer experience
  • Responsive to any devices

What do you feel working with us?

Our philosophy is to help merchants succeed!
Let us help you with Magento Managed Services!

How to work with us?


You send us your idea in any shape and form and we will contact you during next 24 hours to get acquainted with you, your business and your ideas. After familiarizing with all your requirements and vision of the project we will be able to create initial architecture and set ballpark estimates. Once all technical aspects and details are discussed, we will send you a contract and assign project team. We understand that negotiations and paperwork may take a while so we usually set up the project infrastructure before final contract conclusion.

What do we need from you: your vision


Based on our fielding discussion and using Agile methodology we will split the whole project into sprints and releases according to business value, functionality and importance of every single task. Modern management tool as Jira Atlassian helps us take control on every single step and let you observe how things are going on. Our authorized person or you will be added to our Jira account and assigned to a project role as a Business owner, that will give you an opportunity to observe the whole process of development and stay aware about all the changes in a project flow.

On this stage we will:

  • Approve technical requirements
  • Split features by functional groups
  • Set and configure GIT (or integrate into your Git)
  • Create task for every feature
  • Timings for each development
  • Arrange tasks on iterations
  • Define estimations for every feature
  • Reconcile plan with Business owner

What do we need from you: - credentials


Once we got all needed accesses from you, we are ready to start, what means:
- Prepare environment
- Start to work according to the plan (plan is good but we know that it is not a constant, fresh ideas and improvements are always welcome)
- Prepare release for deployment

What do we need from you: approvals and cooperation


Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude. We always try new things and new approaches to old things. That is why we are sure that there is always a place for improvement and development, we want to strive for excellence together.

What do we need from you: enthusiasm in growing and improving

Our Agile board divided on 6 columns:

1. Backlog

Backlog of particular sprint this column contains all tasks that assigned to this sprint with estimated time but not assigned to the developer who will be working over this task.

2. Development

When you see task in this column it means that this task already contains all needed information for all participants and assigned to a responsible developer who is working over this task.

3. Code review

Developer has completed the task and move the task to this column to notify Team Leader that it can be reviewed and refactored.

4. Quality assurance

Our Quality assurance manager checks has everything been done correctly and matches the requirements. If so it goes to the next column “Ready for release”, if not it goes back to “Development” column.

5. Ready for release

If everything has been done correctly and matches the requirements you will see task in this column. That means that this task has been completed and can be included in the release.

6. Released

All your changes are live (QA manager double check release changes and overall site performance after each release and hotfix)