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Limit Admin Login

  1. Limiting on the number of attempts to enter to the Admin panel.
  2. Logging login attempts to the Admin panel.
  3. Limiting on the number of allowed lockouts.
  4. Possibility to add IP address to the black list. Users with IP in this list will not be able to log into the Admin panel.
  5. Possibility to configure allowed number of login attempts and configure time for lockouts settings.
  6. Displaying a message of remaining login attempts.
  7. Blocking IP for a certain time for users who have exhausted the number​ of login attempts.
  8. Fully managed log.
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Do you have a store and want to protect it from brute-force attacks? Want to quickly and easily view who logged into Admin panel at what time? Want to block manually IP addresses that try to get access into Admin panel? Our extension will help you with this!

Webinse Limit admin login attempts extension for Magento is created for that purpose, and is easy to install and configure.

It lets you to configure number of login attempts. You can configure lockout time after allowed number of attempts were exhausted. Also you can configure increased lockout time.

The extension allows you to view all IP address that logged or try to logged into Admin panel. Also you can manage this data! Any IP addresses can be blocked, unblocked, deleted from log and moved to blacklist by you. This will allow you to effectively manage and monitor connections to the Admin panel.

Magento 2 version

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