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Product Labels for Magento 2

  1. Adding your own labels on product and category pages.
  2. Choosing label position.
  3. Setting up label size.
  4. Adding label text.
  5. Setting up label text.
  6. Choosing conditions depending by Catalog Price Rules.
  7. Adding custom CSS styles.
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Do you have a store and you want to attract more attention to discounts on your store? Want to quickly and easily label products so they are sold better? Our extension will help you with this!

Webinse Product Labels extension for Magento 2 is created for that purpose, and is easy to install and configure.

It lets you to add your own labels, configure and always manage them quickly. The added labels can be included on product and category pages. You can choose label position and its size and you can add your custom text on label. Also the text can be customized. Additionally you can add your custom CSS styles for labels and fully customized them as you want.

The product labels are applied in accordance with the Catalog Price Rules and depend on them.


Administration & Configuration

All features are fully configurable, require little time to install and can be controlled from the Magento Administration Panel.

Version and Compatibility

Product Labels Extension version 1.0.0 is compatible with Magento Community Edition version 2.1 and guaranteed to work with Magento default theme.

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