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Related Products for Magento 2

  1. Saving of viewed products
  2. Selecting an exact or approximate match mode
  3. Display similar products to a new tab or add them to up-sell
  4. Auto-update of scanned products once per day
  5. Automatic cleaning of the cache for similar products tab
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The extension uses products view history and on the basis of this preserves similar products. Allowing them to be displayed either in a separate tab on product page or added to up-sell products automaticaly.

Administration & Configuration

All features and user interfaces are fully configurable, require little time to install and can be controlled from the Magento Administration Panel.

Version and Compatibility

Related Products version 1.0.0 is compatible with Magento 2.1 - 2.2

NOTE: This extension is guaranteed to work with Magento Default Theme. We don’t say that it won’t work with customization at all, but due to the the great majority of Custom themes we cannot guarantee the proper work of the extension with all of them.

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